Aadi is the first-ever cross border e-commerce marketplace from Bangladesh. Being the pioneer in cross border b2c ecommerce, aadi focuses on promoting Bangladesh and its strength in various industries at a global level. Beta launched in December 2018, aadi is currently focused on removing all the barriers of international selling for the local fashion retailers. Any retailer manufacturing in Bangladesh can reach and test the market with a few clicks now without any additional cost. 

Global cross border eCommerce will become a $1 Trillion industry in 2020. China being the largest RMG exporter in the world contributes to $270 Billion from their b2c fashion product sales. In contrast, Bangladesh being the second largest RMG exporter in the world is yet to set foot into the cross border economy at a b2c level. Aadi was founded with the sole purpose of nurturing the $36 Billion RMG export of Bangladesh and convert it into a $200 Billion industry for Bangladesh. Other sectors like Jute, Leather, handicrafts will also play a pivotal role in this journey. 

A team of young entrepreneurs is the life force of aadi who believes in changing the country through positive initiative and using technology as the right tool to take Bangladesh to the next level.