Borno Jokhon Chobi Holo (Shoroborno) By Light Of Hope

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Borno Jokhon Chobi Holo (Shoroborno) is a creative Alphabet to Picture Series’ through which children will learn about the alphabet, step by step process to draw something from that alphabet (e.g how to draw an Ant from alphabet a) and can learn word using that alphabet.

Light of Hope abbreviated as LOH, is a project created by a team of some enthusiastic people who are working to make a change in the education system of Bangladesh. Aim of this organization is to provide e-learning facility to rural schools where there is no electricity. They provide Laptops, Projectors, Audio Visual e-learning materials, Solar system etc. to those schools which are situated in remote area where there is no electricity or enough facilities for proper education. They also provide books and essential education materials to the students of those remote areas.

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