Bino Zoo By Microtech Interactive

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ISBN: 9781733621328

Size: h 5.3” * w 5.7” * L 2.2”

What is inside: 30 Flash Cards

Materials: Paper cards

Color: Multi

Bino Zoo is a box of animal introduction. Children will be able to recognize 30 animals and get to know some basic information about those animals. Through our Bino application, they can enjoy the movement of animals and their sounds as well.  There are 30 cards in the box. 10 birds, 10 fishes & 10 animals. Every card represents an individual animal with some information. If you can 2 of our cards together, they will interact with each other.

"Bino" is a Children's learning 3D book with augmented reality application. It is an extraordinary approach to modernize the primary education system through 3D Augmented reality. Children will enjoy learning with exciting 3D animated figures through this Bino Apps. Their imaginary world will come alive.

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